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Ever since it’s founding, Silk Road Bank AD Skopje has applied best practices in business, management and rules of conduct and ethics, governing relations between staff, clients, shareholders and third parties, propagated throughout the Silk Road Group.

Silk Road Bank AD Skopje bases its business on the following commitments:

  • Towards their customers – the Bank is devoted towards complete satisfaction of its clients and continuous improvement of the quality of the offered services and information, while always making them feel welcome.
  • Towards their Shareholders – the Bank’s permanent determination is to create value.
  • Towards its staff – the Bank is devoted to maintaining a fair compensation, optimal working conditions and a career opportunity, according to the merit, as well as equal treatment free of discrimination.
  • Towards the community - the Bank is obliged to actively contribute to the process and support the basic elements to progress and growth.

All activities of Silk Road Bank AD Skopje aim ultimately to the growth and prosperity of the Bank and are governed by principles enforced by laws and ethic principles such as: Integrity and honesty, objectivity and independence, discretion and confidentiality, consciousness, disciplined and reasonable risk taking, complete, full and truthful disclosure of data and active participation in the social environment.
The above commitments and principles imply obligations, duties and responsibilities for the Silk Road Bank staff, which are included in the Regulations on the internal organization and systematization on the positions and the Code of Conduct of Silk Road Bank AD Skopje. These internal acts contain articles which cover subjects such as the general duties of employees, due discretion, conduct outside the business premises, political beliefs, writing articles in the press, personal indebtedness, gambling, as well as obligations concerning the conduct of Staff in cases of accepting gifts and conflict of interest in transactions.

Dear customers,

In March 2010, the American Congress adopted the Law on harmonization of taxes on foreign accounts - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - FATCA, which aims to prevent tax evasion by American taxpayers who have accounts abroad.

According to FATCA, financial institutions that have signed this Act, annually submit data for the accounts of customers covered by FATCA regime, in order to prevent tax evasion of the American clients by opening accounts in financial institutions outside the United States of America.

Each bank in the world has an obligation to comply with the Law on harmonization of taxes on foreign accounts (FATCA) starting from 01.07.2014. Following the global trends, Silk Road Bank AD Skopje has joined towards the implementation of the Law on harmonization of taxes on foreign accounts - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - FATCA, in its operations.
Silk Road Bank AD Skopje is registered in the Internal Revenue Office of the United States under number GIIN: SWLPFI.99999.SL.807, with status – PARTICIPATINGFINANCIAL INSTITUTION NOT COVERED BY IGA.

Please be informed that starting from 01.07.2014, Silk Road Bank AD Skopje, in accordance with the recommendations by the Banking Association of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, shall implement standardized and uniform procedure of identification of all its customers respecting and applying the legislative regulations in the Republic of Macedonia as well as the Law on harmonization of taxes on foreign accounts - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - FATCA.
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