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If you are looking for a simple payment-from payroll to promotions to benefits, Silk Road Bank AD Skopje presents you an idea solutions: VISA Business debit card.

Visa Business debit card helps companies to save money by reducing payroll processing costs, increase process efficiency, and promote employee loyalty. This card has huge advantages when traveling, receiving remittances or making any type of payment. Guarantee the security of Visa cards, convenience and modernity that you and your employees expect from your company. This card can be used to distribute other benefits such an funds earmarked for fuel, travel, entertainment and medical expenses, and other related expenses.

Uniqueness of the card
  • Accepted at millions of merchants in numerous countries and territories
  • International contactless
  • Facilitates funds distribution and spending control
  • Reloadable option
  • Daily transaction limit, which the company can specify on his own
  • Fully dispose of company funds in the country and abroad
  • Fast and easy application procedure
  • 24/7 Customer support

  • Activation with the first POS transaction
  • Cash withdrawal with most favorable commissions
  • Allowed for use in the country and abroad
  • Allowed for online payment with the highest level of protection with 3D-Secure standard for SAFE purchases
  • Contactless payment without entering a PIN up to 1,100 MKD on POS’s
  • PIN change on Silk Road Bank ATM’s

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