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Maximum amount according to the credit board taking into account the creditworthiness of the company, as well as according to the receivables that would be purchased.
Three product categories

  •   I category: Invoicing factoring up to 30 days repayment period.
  •  II category: Invoicing factoring up to 60 days repayment period.
  • III category: Invoicing factoring up to 90 days repayment period.

Factoring discount

  •   I category: 3% discount on the invoiced amount.
  •  II category: 4% discount on the invoiced amount.
  • III category: 5% discount on the invoiced amount.
  • after one-day delay for category I and II the discount increases to the amount provided for the next category (if it is category I 3% after the 31st day would be 4%, etc.)  
  • over 90 days, an additional 2% is added, with a maximum tolerance of up to 120 days.

Other expenses
Payment commission, one-time cost
Security depending on the amount
Mortgage or notarized bill of exchange valued by the owner.

Additional information about the package can be obtained from the Corporate Operations Service.
- phone: 02/3289-553
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